About Us

Welcome to the most neglected page of our website. The fact that you have come here means that either you are the curious type or you happen to be lost. In either case, please stay and let’s get to know each other better.

Berribon is a company of creative conspirators who abet you in slaying with style.

We are dedicated towards providing a seamless shopping experience to you with a solemn promise of premium quality shirts and chinos that fit beautifully. Our prints range from sober to sensational to go with your varying moods.

Berribon is here to make shopping easier so you can hustle in comfort. No matter what shape, size or colour you are, we have a wide range of shirts and chinos for you to choose from so each impression of yours is a lasting one.

After your first shopping experience with us, you will wonder how Berribon is able to keep the prices low while providing superior quality (trust us, you will). Well, we are vertically integrated, manufacture and sell our own products, and cut out the middleman wherever possible. This direct-to-consumer model allows us to create high-quality fashion at affordable prices.

Our goal is to give you something you’ll love, something you can use to express yourself, and, simply put, something to put a smile on your face :)